OK, I know the title is a bit bold, so maybe I’ll rephrase it. What I mean is, men tend to be connected to their cars in a way that seems a tad romantic to me. If only he were alive today, I am sure Freud would have something to say about this.

I know a man that said, “I wake up every morning just to drive my car.”  I had a hard time understanding  his deep passion for his automobile because he had a house that was far more expensive than his car, 4 children at his whim, a wife,  and a successful business to be proud of. So why was his car the most important thing to him?

I have a theory that cars are something that men consider to be an emblem of all their achievements in life. If they work hard, and have achieved a surmountable bit of success, they want their car to reflect this. While women can bear children and have an instinct to nest, maybe men try to compensate for their inability to give birth by treating their car like something that they conceived.


There is another theory; one that has been around for ages. SOME people believe that the size, price, and flashiness of a man’s car somehow reflects the size, experience, or capabilities of his penis. I often have found myself wondering about this connection whenever I see an insecure looking man drive down Robson in a giant monster truck.

Of course, I know not all men care about their cars like this, and there are many who don’t even  like cars because they are harmful to the environment. However, this question is for the men who do feel a certain romantic kinship with their automobile:

Why is your car so much more than just a car to you?


If a giant monster truck is a “small penis car”, then what is a “big penis car”?


2 thoughts on “Sheena Said: Are Cars an Extension of a Man’s Penis?

  1. My Suzuki Jimny and me in Angola. No one, ever, complained about the size of my banana. LOL! and I operate in Africa!

  2. I hope a car isn’t a man’s car is an extension of his penis because I don’t own one!

    To me, a car is a car. A method to get from A to B. I appreciate nice cars but would never drop the money needed for a flashy supercar.

    If someone else wants to though, more power to them.

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